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Gooood morning everyone!

I just arrived in my favorite "second home" Shanghai yesterday. As some of you might know I am working as an User Interface Architect for a Company here. And I have to tell you that we are planning something unbelievable for our favorite project :)

Also I really would like to thank you all for the great replies on Gaia so far! Novoo is working on the forums at the moment and whenever we finished them they will be ready to start organizing for this year.

Take care everyone! I will post some pictures from around here soon!

The organization for this year is almost in full swing already! Thanks for all your great comments on the last journals and polls. It really helps heading into the right direction. I can´t tell you how excited I am about this years release!

I have a secret box with some really amazing surprises for you :D

If anyone out there is a musician and wants to join our project to raise awareness for climate change please leave a comment! If you know anyone who´s making music and would like to contribute do the same!

Looking forward to hear your ideas

In the last gaian release in 2009 we worked with Greenpeace to come up with the Blackpixelproject which is free for download here:

To make it short. The Black Pixel will only work on CRT monitors and so it´s reduced and no energy saver for every PC/ Mac. I would like to invite everyone here who has ideas and would like to work with us to develop a useful and universal tool for Gaia. We had over 500.000 unique downloads last year and saved a good amount of energy already!

It´s time to come up with something universal for everyone this year. If you, your school/ university/ friends are thinking of something please let me know! We would be glad to spread the word about your idea and make it happen!

Post or email me

Hey everyone!

This year I have a big surprise for everyone. I teamed up with great partners already to bring you a great platform to work and share the Gaia suite.

There are some things I would love to hear your opinion about. And hear your ideas.

1. The domain.

As most of you noticed Gaia09 is currently down. Because I am shifting to a 100% carbon free hosting company. I hope to have it set up and online soon!
Any idea for a new domain name? Please write in everything you can think of. I am sure somebody has a great idea!

2. The suite.

Gaia09 was probably the best organized release so far! We had such a wonderful forum and great people organizing the suite, the album, the interviews.
Is anyone up to do it for this year? Please let me know!

Looking forward to hear your thoughts :)

Is there anyone with Android Skinning experience?
It would be great to have someone working on a new theme with me :)

Just post your reply and let me know!…

This design was submitted as part of the GAIA09 Release. If this design is going to win, all wins will be spent for environmental friendly projects!
Thanks to everyone who is supporting this cause and the project! The release will be online this weekend!
The crew at laFraise invited me to become their Artist of the Week and interviewed me, showcasing some of my latest works.
You can read it here:…

Thanks for all your support again! New works for Desktopography, Gaia and my portfolio are on the way.
So stay tuned!
The sold out Ecology shirts from… will be available again pretty soon.
I am printing these shirts in small collections so if you would like to get one, please note me and I will reserve one for you.

Also I am having a clear-out sell for the last prints available right now. There are only a few prints left.
This sell out is only for deviantArt members this week! All orders will be with free shipping and a reduced price of 20 Euro!
So if you want to get a print, contact me through eMail or notes.

A new series of prints is being produced right now and I will post pictures of it next week!


As some of you might noticed. I started with 3D Designs now. Archan came up with this great idea and we just posted our first collab here on my webcam.
We posted this only on deviantArt so it´s just for you!
Hello everyone!

The last weeks have been amazing. New works, new relaunch and the final phase of two projects. Gaia is coming very soon (on August, 1st) and the Store is online now.


The next two big things are going to be Gaia and Desktopography. As you can read on Pete´s journal…
it´s going to be released very soon. And be sure to see my work featured this year.

I am currently looking for an animation artist to support me for the intro animation on Gaia09. If anyone is up for that please leave a comment here.
Jared and I also got the first Selected Edition print on the Online Store. I have to say it´s the first thing I hang on the walls in my room since I moved here.

So keep on joining us on and have a great weekend!

Climate change and the conservation of our planet is one of the most important issues facing us today. A group of designers and themers have tried to find a way of contributing their own part. How though could a website about desktop customization help to combat global warming?

A mentionable majoritiy of co2 emission is produced by industry. Private households also add significantly to the problem by using multiple fridges, televisions, cars and - last but not least - personal computers. So what can we do to support the movement? With this project, we want to raise awareness for the issue and remind users of nature and its beauty. To remind you of shutting down your computer at night if it's not in use. To turn your gadgets off instead of having them on standby.

With this voluminous release of skins for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux we want to bring attention to the topic in the community and hope to make you think more about the issue and your own ecological footprint.

We hope this project will reach a lot of people. If you want to help us by writing an article, blog entry or a interview feel free to contact us!

Your Gaia Team

Visit us on
After a long week of waiting and excitement all prints are set up now. I am very happy with them!

The paper quality is excellent. They will come on a 300gr thick Canon Pro paper with cleanable surface. Printed with high quality ink.

The limited edition will be available through the online store starting 30th of may.   

I will surely post an update once it is online! International shipping out of your country (United States and Europe). Which means cheap shipping, no customer taxes plus short delivery times!

The whole set on flickr:

Galeries Lafayette

Yesterday I got a set of pictures from the works shown in the Galeries Lafayette! You can see them here:…

Lodown Exhibition

Thank you for your suggestions for places to stay in Berlin! We found a good one now and look forward to head to the Lodown exhibition.
If you are based in Berlin or you have the chance to go there:

Thursday 14th at 19.00 pm in the Lodown Gallery, Brunnenstrasse 56.

I will be there and it would be amazing if we could meet there! They will have free drinks a BBQ and great music for the vernissage.

I hope to see you there soon!

I would like to thank everyone who voted for the Shirt version on !
It´s now on sale until sunday:

Thank you very much and let me know if you buy one. I would love to see
some pictures.

The prints are almost ready to be released! We are just finishing the coding on the store.
There will be plenty of extras waiting for you!

Stay tuned for the next journal and thanks again!

Good news are coming from the loDown Magazine. An exclusive print of the Systemkings series which will be released soon by Jared and me is exhibited in their gallery in Berlin in May. I am going to post some pictures of the two Berlin exhibitions in the coming days.

Now I have a small extra for all people living near or in Amsterdam. Queensday is coming soon and a fashion label will sell two of my designs on shirts that day in the city of Amsterdam. I am getting more details on that this week and will keep you updated.

So things are going great lately. I will try to find some time for personal work, too. I need to do some at all to finish my application portfolio for the University of Arts. I am getting really excited about the prints now! They will arrive this week and as soon as I have them I will provide you with some pictures.

Take care and stay tuned!

Best wishes

The Galeries LaFayette in Berlin will exhibit my work "La vie en rose" until the end of April. If you are around, it would be wonderful if you visit them in the Galerie and write some words. Three of the twelve exhibited works will be printed and sold in their collection. If anyone has the chance to provide me with a photo that would be brilliant since I cannot join the exhibition because I am quite packed with work. Thank you!

And good news for all people waiting for the Print series to go online. The first collection of A3 and A2 prints will be ready by next week. As soon as possible I will provide you with first sneak peaks. I reworked all ten pieces for a special print edition. So things are going great lately and maybe we will meet at my upcoming exhibition in Munich later this year.

Best wishes and a great spring season